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This is a personal website about my current jeep, a rare Right Hand Drive (RHD) 1961 Jeep Willys CJ-6. Take a look at the blog posts and the photo galleries and enjoy what I am working on. Please take the time to look at it, read, and sign the guestbook. I like seeing that people actually have been on this website and not simply bots trying to extort money from me. (If you are a bot, realize this… I am broke!) I should mention that this is an extreme home and low budget build. Most of the parts that I am using have taken years to accumulate.


The CJ-6 was a stretched version of the CJ-5 with a 20 in longer-wheelbase. The stretch can be seen on the side. There is a 20″ plate that extends it in the middle of the Jeep. That is about the only difference.


1955-1971: 101 in wheelbase
1972-1981: 103.5 in wheelbase


The extended chassis, when compared to the CJ-5, allowed a variety of configurations, including adding a second row of seats which is loved nowadays. Introduced in 1953 as the M170 military version, the civilian CJ-6 made its debut in 1955 as a 1956 model. Unfortunately, it was never popular in the United States. Most CJ-6 models were sold to Sweden and South America. It was also assembled in South Africa, by Volkswagen’s local subsidiary. The U.S. Forest Service put a number of CJ-6 Jeeps into use, though. American sales ended after 1975, with the introduction of the CJ-7. Just 50,172 had been made when the series went out of production completely in 1981. Just like the CJ-5, the V6 and V8 engine choices appeared in 1965 and 1972.


The M170 military version shared many of the features of the M38A1 (Military CJ-5), but had the passenger-door opening extended back to the rear wheel well. Most were used as front-line field ambulances, able to carry four litters. A few were also used as radio units. When I (Phil) acquired this project CJ-6, the owner also had a M170 in his yard. I thought about asking him for that jeep instead, but quickly realized that it might be hard getting a full top for it and stuck with the RHD that you see now.


The Brazilian Willys factory developed a version of the CJ-5 very similar to the CJ-6, offered with either two or four doors. Called the “Willys Jeep 101”, it shared the chassis of the local Rural, a redesigned Willys Jeep Station Wagon. Like the Brazilian-made CJ5s, the 101 has square rear-wheel openings.[37] This version was introduced in 1961, but was not retained after Ford’s takeover in the fall of 1967.



Production Years:      1955-1975


Engine Options:
  • 134 cu in (2.2 L) Willys Hurricane I4
  • 225 cu in (3.7 L) Dauntless V6
  • 151 cu in (2.5 L) GM Iron Duke I4
  • 232 cu in (3.8 L) AMC I6
  • 258 cu in (4.2 L) AMC I6
  • 304 cu in (5.0 L) AMC V8
  • 192 cu in (3.1 L) Perkins 4.192 I4 diesel


  • 101 in (2,565 mm) (1955-1971)
  • 103.5 in (2,629 mm) (1972-1981)


1956 Production:2223
1957 Production:1628
1958 Production:1213
1959 Production:2006
1960 Production:2035
1961 Production:1990
1962 Production:#####
1963 Production:#####
1964 Production:#####
1965 Production:#####
1966 Production:#####
1967 Production:#####
1968 Production:#####
1969 Production:#####
1970 Production:#####
1971 Production:#####
1972 Production:#####
1973 Production:#####
1974 Production:#####
1975 Production:#####


A great website for decoding the VIN on your CJ-6 can be found here:

This simply shows the latest pictures of my CJ-6 project. Check out the Status to find out more information.

The specifications planned for this particular build. I am building this jeep for moderate trail use, with the ability to drive on roads.

This list will change as the build progresses.

1961 Jeep Willys Tub, Fenders and Hood

Original “Willys” stamped tailgate

1978 Jeepster Commando Frame (used)

4″ YJ Leaf Springs with Bushings (used)

Scout Front Dana 44 Axle (used)

Scout Rear Dana 44 Axle (used)

Remade VIN & Export Tag (Originals are still available)

1994 Chevy S10/Blazer 4.3L Vortec CPI Engine (used)

Right Hand Drive Cherokee Power Steering Box (used)

1994 K2500 NV4500 Transmission (used)

Shifter for NV4500 (new)

Novak NV4500 to Dana 300 Adapter (new)

Jeep Dana 300 Transfer Case (used)

Twin Sticks for Dana 300 (new)

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (new)

Flywheel (new)

E2000 Fuel Pump (new)

Slave Cylinder (new)

0-9 Speedometer Cluster (new OEM)extremely hard to find

Advance Adapters NV4500 Bellhousing (new)

1966-68? Mustang Radiator (used)

ARB Air Compressor and Wiring (used)

Novak Engine Mounts (new)

Poison Spyder Outboard Kit (used)

36″ Super Swamper Tires (for build only, not good to drive) (used)

Black Rims (holding tires)

1″ Body Lift (new)

Rear Corner Guards, Black, Smooth, Uncut (new)

Rock Rails (new)

Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Steering Box Mount (used)

TJ Fender Flares (used)

DJ-5 Steering Column (used)

DJ-5 Steering Box Mount (used)

DJ-5 Parking Brake Lever

DJ-5 Crossmember (used)

Crossmember from small truck (used)

Cherokee Pedal Assembly (used)

Cherokee Master Brake Cylinder (used)

CJ-6 Blinkers (used)

Early CJ-5 Windshield (used)

’90s Chevy Transmission Skid Plate

Firestick Antenna (used but great condition)

CB (used)

Maglite Mount for early CJ-5 Steering Column (used)

CJ-7 Sun Visors (used)

Antenna Mount (used)

Windshield Latch (used)

Bikini Top for CJ-5 (used)

Rear Bench Seat for CJ-5 (used)

Under Hood Toolbox (used, unsure if it’ll fit)

Nut Replacement for Engine

Floor Pans (new) – from Classic Enterprises

1″ Body Lift Pucks (new)

Bikini Top (used, from my CJ-5)

Exhaust Manifold for Engine (used)

Wiring Harness for Engine (used)

Grill (used, black – CJ-7)

Fake Gas Can Toolbox (new)

LED Rock Lights (new)

Hood Latches (new)

Center Console with Key (used, but cheap)

D-Rings (new)

Rear Seat (used, from my CJ-5)

Grill (original, red)

CJ-7 Roll Bar

Spare Hood (correct era with the snorkle hole)


New Full Soft Top




Electric Fan

Steering Wheel

Windshield Wipers

Fuel Lines

Brake Lines

Gas Tank

Side Mirrors

Rear View Mirror


Wiring Harness

New Windshield & Hood Hardware


Tail Lights

Lift Leaf Springs



Swing Away Tire Carrier / Rear Bumper

Front Bumper with Stinger?

Better Axles with ARB Lockers

37″ BF Goodrich KM2 Tires

Roll Cage

Any new parts to replace old, used parts in original build

Tools for the build

Help building. I need help. I admit it.

This simply shows the latest pictures of my CJ-6 project. Check out the Status to find out more information.


Last completed: Setup gantry and hoist. Prepared tub to lift off the frame to free up the frame for the next aspect of the build.

This simply shows the latest pictures of my CJ-6 project. Check out the Status to find out more information.

After years of waiting and with some pushing from fellow enthusiasts on Twitter, I am restarting the build of my Jeep. Below are my current steps.


Clean and Rearrange Garage

Disassemble Jeep to work on frame

Place Poison Spyder Offroad Kit (used) on frame. Figure out placement.

Figure out Steering Box mount location

Weld together Power Steering Box Mount

Figure out engine mount location

Figure out body & grill mount locations

Weld front crossmember bar into place (original was removed by previous owner)

Cut front bumper and tow locations for placement in frame

Figure out location of shackle mounts and spring mounts for rear axle

Figure out location of shackle mounts for front axle

Figure out engine, transmission, transfer case, exhaust manifold placement

Complete transfer case adapter installation

Install transfer case onto transmission

Get/build auto rotisserie for body work and install tub

Strip paint from tub and body parts (hoods, fenders, tailgates)

Replace bad metal on body parts (hat channels, floor, misc holes, etc)

… + much more to add and do …

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Sorry, but this jeep has never been offroad while I have owned it. Once it is built, this section will get completed and pictures will be posted.

1976 Jeep CJ-5

This CJ-5 was my first jeep. I learned how to modify rigs on this one. I taught myself how to drive a stick shift, as well. Please enjoy.




More Pictures & Information Coming Soon

1952 Jeep Willys CJ-3A

This was part of the package deal when I bought my first CJ-6. This 1931 Jeep Willys CJ-3a, a 1963 CJ-6, and a trailer. The original ad found on Craigslist which can be seen here: eWillys link.

1963 Jeep CJ-6

My first CJ-6, which I owned for a short time before selling my other jeeps and limited myself to 1 incomplete jeep, the current project.


Original sales brochure for the ’61 CJ-6.

Four Wheeler – Magazine Article – May 1975

“Road Test: The L-O-N-G CJ-6 Jeep”

Pickup Van & 4WD – Magazine Article – June 1975



Please send me scans of any articles you have for any CJ-6s. I will post them here. Please contact me and I will share the email for you to send them. My contact is towards the bottom of this page.

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