A Crisis… Averted?

I have had this Jeep project for 12 years or so. It has almost always been in my garage, taking up precious space. I was recently trying to decide whether or not to keep the project or sell (or trade) it. I asked fellow 4×4 enthusiasts on Twitter what they thought. (Here’s the original tweet and all the responses.) Of course, everyone responded with “Keep It!”

“Keep It!”

Well, I decided… Yes, I will keep it! I will also try to MAKE the time to work on the Jeep. I am excited about it. (I am also rebuilding this website, which was also badly needed.)

“I am nervous about this
project and will need help.”

I am nervous. I’ll admit it. Why, you may ask. Well, I have never even come close to a project that has so much needed. I have never done body work, nor have I altered a frame to the parts that I have. My welding is not the best and I know that I will have lots of eyes on this Jeep when I am complete. I want it to look good and not drive dog-legged. So, I am nervous about this project and will need help. Can you help? I am not too proud to admit it.

What’s to be nervous about?

Here’s an example of why. The frame is not from a CJ-6. It comes from a Jeepster Commando so the body mounts are all wrong. That’s not too tough to fix, right. Well, I want to outboard the springs because of the axles that I’ll be using. OK, I picked up a used Poison Spyder Customs (PSC) Outboard kit. (I cannot afford a new one. What can I say… I have a Jeep. I have kids. I am broke.) Back to the outboarding… The outboard kit doesn’t quite fit the frame. I’ll have to add 1/4″ spacers. Then I need to figure out a beefy power steering box mount to also attach near where the PSC outboard kit does. Don’t forget, this is a right hand drive Jeep. So there is no aftermarket mounts available. I also am trying to plan ahead and add a bumper with a nice secure tie in to the frame. So, I have solid block steel to fit inside the frame where the PSC outboard kit and the steering box mount will be. At some point, I’ll want a winch plate, as well. I don’t have a winch or a winch plate, so that may have to wait. But, all that is supposed to be mounted to the front of the Jeep.

I have never fabricated before. See why I’m a little nervous? If you have experience, please contact me. I need help!