Phil’s Jeep is officially a 1963 Jeep Willys CJ-6. However, that is what the title says. My Jeep is actually a 1961 Jeep Willys CJ-6. It is an EXTREMELY rare Right Hand Drive jeep and the VIN even verifies that. The last 5 digits show on this website that it is actually a ’61 CJ6, which confirms it. (Sorry, I’m not putting the complete VIN on this website.)

VIN: 57748 #####

Furthermore, there was a gear swap in 1962 within the transmission. Believe it or not, I actually had a different 1963 Jeep Willys at the same time that I got this 1961 Jeep. I was able to confirm via the transmission gears, that this was a 1961. (The original transmission IS included in the sale.) The other jeep had the different gearing proving that it was built after 1962.

My Jeep is a Right Hand Drive Jeep. Every time I do a search online for them, I find less than 10 right hand drive CJ-6 jeeps in the USA and mine is always the oldest. That makes this Jeep incredibly RARE and will certainly be an eye catcher when it is finally on the road. If you do a search, you may find some of my posts through the forums. Typically, I believe my username was jobhater.

When I received the jeep, it was basically a stripped down tub on wheels. There is a small dent in the back of the jeep and the frame was bent. Because of this, I bought a Jeepster Commando frame. It is essentially the same frame, but the mounts need to be moved and the last 10 inches or so needs to be chopped off.

The plan is to build the Jeep into a moderate rock crawler that I can drive to/from the trails. I plan on having 37″ tires with air lockers, a full roll cage, and holding 4 people.

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