Accumulating Parts

I have been slowly accumulating the parts. I now have a Dana 300 transfer case. I have a seal and gasket kit and twin sticks on the way, as well, for that Dana 300. I have also received the Novak Adapt NV4500 to Dana 300 adapter. 


I sold the other CJ6 that I had. The buyer got a great price on it, and I have 1 less dead jeep to worry about. Part of the purchase price was a power steering box from a right hand drive Cherokee (XJ). That was one major component that was going to be different from other Willys rebuilds. 


Also, on my last trip to the junkyard, I found a crossmember that I was told would work for me. I had given up my search and was about to quit when I found it sticking out of a front bumper of an S10. (That was not the vehicle it came in.) 


So, in summary, I have accumulated a bunch more parts, with more to buy (clutch components, adapter, radiator, etc). First thing I need to do before the “build” is to get the frame straightened. Then assembly and modification can begin. 

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