Adding a Gantry Crane

I have been thinking of adding a gantry crane to my garage to help out with the heavy lifting. (Sorry, honey. You’ve done a great job so far.) Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford one. Fortunately, I FINALLY found one on Craigslist for $250 with a small winch (not for lifting, though). It’s not a normal gantry crane that everyone has. Of course not. That would be too easy. This one weighs in at ~550 lbs and is all aluminum. It is currently sitting next to my Jeep because I need to figure out the best way to actually build the thing in my garage.


The History and Some Specs


The gantry crane originally came from a car wash. It held a motor and a large brush on each side. I do not know the weight limit on it, however, and will have to be very careful at first. Please, if anyone can tell me a minimum amount, please contact me.


4″ box aluminum tubing
1/4 inch thick wall
11.5″ wide
6′ deep
10′ 8″ tall (it’ll be close)


This gantry is 10′ 8″ tall. My garage is 10′ 10″ so it’ll be extremely close and I’ll have to move a light or two. I’ll post when I have built this thing and exactly how I got it upright.