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For Sale or Trade

For sale (or trade) is my 1961 Jeep CJ-6 Project Jeep and all the parts that I have for it. If you decide to build the jeep, you will not need all the parts and can sell them to recuperate funds. All parts are located in northeast Colorado Springs, CO. I will wear a mask for anyone that wants to check it out and I ask that you do the same.

I am not desperate to sell the jeep and all parts but am willing to sell it or trade it which is why I updated this website. Frankly, I do not have the time to work on it and it is beyond my fabrication skills. (I want it to look good, not like my ghetto welds.) Ever since I got the jeep, it has been stored in my garage… for about 10 years.

For Sale or Trade:

Payment Options:

  • Just visit this page to see what some of my trade options are (besides cash).


Feel free to contact me with any questions or offers. Fill out the form below and I’ll email back. I can also take any pictures that you’d like of the Jeep or parts. Just let me know what you’d like a picture of.

Parts Included In Sale


Sorry I don’t have pictures of everything. Most of the smaller parts are in boxes and crates and hard to get to because of the Jeep’s location.

  • 1961 Jeep Willys Tub, Fenders, Grill, Hood (Titled as a ’63. I’ll explain in person. There were no swaps, the Jeeps weren’t until sold back then. The original transmission (included) confirms it was pre-1962.
    • Colorado title, free & clear
  • 1978? Jeepster Commando Frame – This frame needs to have the proper mounts installed and is about 12 inches longer than the normal frame, but is otherwise the same. The length is in the back and can be simply cut off. I have already marked where it needs to be cut.
  • 4″ YJ Leaf Springs with Bushings (used)
  • Scout Front Dana 44 Axle (used)
  • Scout Rear Dana 44 Axle (used)
  • Poison Spyder Outboard Kit (used)
  • RARE: Remade VIN & Export Tag (the originals are included) – These are insanely rare. I’ve only seen a picture of one in Italy and the jeep came with the damaged one pictured left. I paid to have someone remake it (the one on the right). I call it an export tag because they say “Registered Jeep willys” in English, French, and Spanish.
  • 1994 Chevy S10/Blazer 4.3L Vortec CPI Engine
  • Exhaust manifold for Engine
  • Wiring Harness for the Engine
  • Nut Replacement for Engine (new)
  • ARB Air Compressor and Wiring (used)
  • Skid Plate from later model CJ-5
  • Crossmember from small truck
  • DJ-5 Crossmember
  • 1994 K2500 NV4500 Transmission (used) – that’s right… this is the highly desired transmission with the granny low and overdrive. The bellhousing has been swapped out for the included engine.
  • Right Hand Drive Cherokee Power Steering Box (used)
  • Aftermarket Heavy Duty Power Steering Box Mount – I cut it apart to re-weld backwards for the right hand drive steering, but have not yet re-assembled.
  • RARE: 0-9 Speedometer/Gauge Cluster (new OEM) – extremely hard to find
  • Oil for NV4500 (new & added in transmission)
  • Shifter for NV4500 (new) – The shifter is one of the boxes…not sure which one right now.
  • Jeep Dana 300 Transfer Case (used)
  • Twin Sticks for Dana 300 (new) – These are in one of the boxes…not sure which one right now.
  • Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (new) + new bolts + new centering tool
  • Flywheel (new) – its in the vertical box next to the clear tub of the picture below.
  • E2000 Fuel Pump (new)
  • Novak NV4500 to Dana 300 Adapter (partially installed, I had to request that Novak finish the instructions. They did I have a pdf that I can send or print for the buyer.)
  • Slave Cylinder (new)
  • Master Cylinder (used)
  • Advance Adapters NV4500 Bellhousing (new)
  • 3 Radiators (all 3 radiators are on the shelf sideways in this picture)
    • 1966-68? Mustang Radiator (used)
    • late model Radiator (used)
    • original Radiator (used)
  • Novak Engine Mounts (new)
  • 36″ Super Swamper Tires (for build only, not good to drive) used)
  • Black Rims (used – holding tires)
  • 1″ Body Lift
  • Rear Corner Guards, Black, Smooth, Uncut (new)
  • Rock Rail Tubes (new)
  • TJ Fender Flares (used)
  • Army Jerry Can
  • DJ-5 Steering Column which includes all these (used)
    • DJ-5 Steering Box Mount (used)
    • DJ-5 Steering Wheel (used)
    • DJ-5 turn signal assembly (used)
    • DJ-5 parking brake lever (used)
  • Cherokee Pedal Assembly (used)
  • Cherokee Master Brake Cylinder (used)
  • CJ-6 Blinkers (cool, bullet-style – used)
  • Early CJ-5 Windshield (used)
  • Early CJ windshield hold (holds up the hood, I think) – used
  • ’90s Chevy Transmission Skid Plate
  • Firestick Antenna (used but great condition)

    CB (used)
  • Hood latch for CJ-7 Hood
  • CJ-7 Sun Visors (used)
  • Maglite Mount for early CJ-5 Steering Column (used) – Flashlight is not included
  • Antenna Mount (used)
  • Rear Bench Seat for CJ-5 (used)
  • Under Hood Toolbox (if possible – for a late model CJ)
  • Bikini Top for newer CJ-5 (used)
  • Fake Gas Can – Toolbox (new)
  • Tailgates (2 “Willy’s” tailgates) – under the flat box in the picture
  • Floor Pans and floor hat channels (new) – from Classic Enterprises (Jeep early CJ5 Floor Support Pair, Floor Support Joiner – Front, Jeep Floor Panels) – They are in the boxes, horizontal, in the picture.
  • Grill (used – CJ-7) – complete with lights
  • Spare Hood (correct era with the snorkle hole)
  • D-Rings (new)
  • Hood Latches (new)
  • LED Rock Lights (new)
  • Center console with key (used… kind of cheap)


  • Late CJ Gas Tank (with gas still in it)
  • 7 Gallon Air Tank
  • 1976 Jeep Factory Service Manual
  • Original CJ-6 Steering Column
  • Original CJ-6 Pedals 
  • Original Transmission & Transfer Case (the transmission confirms this was a pre-1962 jeep)
  • Wheel Dollies
  • Transmission Jack
  • Wiring Harness from a 1980 CJ-5
  • Mastercraft Seats with Seatbelts (used and probably not safe)
  • Wheels and Tires that came with the axles. These might be driveable for short drives.
  • Cherry Picker/Engine Hoist
  • Lots of angle iron, box tube, flat metal, pieces and misc parts
  • Depending on the price/trade value, I might be able to throw in my welder & plasma cutter, but I really wasn’t planning on getting rid of those. The asking price does not include them.
  • Nearly all of the boxes and crates in the pictures below contain the parts that are included in this sale.


  • The body is not permanently mounted to the frame. The outboarding process is not complete. Therefore, a truck/trailer that can hold parts is the best way to transport this Jeep. It probably would be best to dissassemble the axles from the frame.
  • I do have the floor parts from the center, where the original transmission was. It was complete and will be included.
  • The Jeep is located in northeast Colorado Springs. I can help load, but I doubt I can deliver. If you are nearby, I can HELP you bring the parts to your place, but I will not do it for you…unless you make it worth it. I will definitely help you load the parts (no charge).
  • No, I do not take cashier’s checks for more money than what we agree on and I will not give you cash back for cashing the cashier’s checks.

Payment & Options

Are you looking at buying or trading for one of the most unique and eye-catching Jeeps in the USA? Have you looked at the other articles and you have questions or would like to make an offer? Feel free to look at the options below. Sorry, I’m not desperate and won’t be accepting extremely low options.


If you know what you are doing and I can hire you (via Lakeside Razorback rifle trade through FFL) to help build the Jeep, please contact me. I don’t want to get rid of this Jeep but I have no time and its beyond my abilities to do some of the fabrication.


I’m asking $12,672.42 or best offer or trade – We can meet at a bank, if you’d like. There is a Wells Fargo nearby.


Below are a few trade options. They are not in any particular order. I will also take partial trades.

  • Mountain Property in Colorado or near Jackson, WY
    • For a camper and tents
    • Within ~3 hours of Colorado Springs
    • West of Colorado Springs or Denver, not too interested in going to Sangre de Cristo Mountains
    • I’d love to be near Estes Park, Granby, Winter Park, or somewhere nice and scenic
  • Camper
    • Trailer Camper that can sleep 4+ comfortably
    • Not a popup, though
    • Not a 5th wheel. Sorry, I only have a Dodge Ram 1500.
  • Hot Rod in good condition
  • CNC Machine as a partial trade.
  • Condo
  • Empty lot near Colorado Springs to Denver or West of Colorado Springs to park a camper (Black Forest preferred)
  • Timeshare in
    • Aspen, Breckenridge, Jackson, WY, or other great mountainous area
    • Timeshare at beach
  • Classic Car
    • Possibly. It depends. Feel free to contact me.
  • Another Jeep
    • Possibly as a partial trade. It depends. Feel free to contact me.
  • Sports Car
    • Possibly. It depends. Feel free to contact me.
  • Boat as a partial trade.
    • I might be interested in a motorboat, sailboat, or kayak as a partial trade. I don’t want a 100% trade option unless I was getting the killer deal…like I’d be getting a yacht. 🤣
  • Other items
    • If you are interested, feel free to send me a message. It never hurts to ask.


Possibly. Feel free to contact me and ask. Give me your offer. It would have to be some common crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. No unknown tokens, though.

This could also be partial payment. To be completed at time of pickup.

Not Interested In…

Sorry, I’m not interested in the items below. (Well, I like them, but right now isn’t a good time.)

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Firearms (maybe partial trade… through FFL)
  • Snowmobiles
  • Personal Watercraft (unless its a partial trade)

Is Your Trade More Valuable?

I might be able to trade a firearm (through the FFL) to get my total value up or include my welder (Hobart Handler with tank) and/or Plasma Cutter (cheap Harbor Freight) and cart that I used with them. The firearm that I have is a rare Lakeside Razorback Anniversary Edition (1 of ~70) 22LR beltfed rifle with a bunch of belts (some unused), 2 rebuild kits, etc. It’s probably close to $3000 in rifle and components. (pic here)

Sorry, I’m a broke SOB, so I cannot add cash to my end of the bargain unless you are giving me a heck of a deal and my wife approves of it.

Contact Me

Contact Me for questions or showing. I plan on wearing a mask when you come and I request that you do the same.