Do Any Jeeps Make You Drool?

It happened again

Yep, it happened again. I fell in love with a picture of a Jeep. This time, its a Forward Control FC170 (or a FC150). I don’t even know where I saw this picture. I think I was doing an image search for something and I ran across it and saved the image. Below is the image. I WANT IT!

One Jeep that made me stop in my tracks before seeing this FC170 was a M715 (seen below). I still drool over seeing these trucks. I would like one, but I know that I need to learn how to do body work before I can even look at either of these.

Jeep M715

I have never seen either of these trucks before, but simply from pictures, I want. If any Jeeps have made you drool, then please let me know. Contact me!

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