Gave Up On The Frame

The original frame was bent up. This was not noticed until after it was boxed. I brought it to a frame shop and they were able to fix it as best as they could, but I could tell that it still wasn’t back to normal. “Like a pretzel,” is what they said. This bothered me as I painted the frame and was about to install the engine mounts, but waited. 

Several months later, in early 2012, I went to the Colorado Four Wheelers monthly club meeting, of which I am a member. One of the members told me of a Jeepster Commando for sale that was in pieces. He said that the frame would work for my CJ6. Skip ahead several days and researching online, I went to look at the frame and took rough measurements. It looks like it will work! The measurements appeared to be the same except for one. It was 10″ longer than my CJ-6 frame! Both jeeps had a similar wheelbase of 101″. It took several measurements before I figured out that the difference was actually behind the rear axle. Basically, I’ll have to cut off the frame 10″ at the rear. 

So, I bought the frame and have brought it home. 

Now it’s time to start again. I feel very good about this frame. I haven’t seen any cracks and it seems much more stout than the CJ-6. 

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