This IS One of the Rarest Jeeps in the US

I firmly believe this is one of the rarest jeeps in the United States. Why? Well, how many CJ-6s have you ever seen driving around? (I have seen 1, parked in a parking lot of Garden of the Gods.) OK, even IF you have seen one driving around, how many have been a right hand drive? Most of the CJ6s built were for out of country. This one was built right in Toledo, OH and from what I could tell, it was 100% right hand drive from the factory.

“Super Rare”

That fact that it is a CJ-6 makes it super rare. And, its the rarest of those rare because its a right hand drive. Whenever I’ve looked online, I have only found around 10 or so right hand drive CJ-6s in America. This one is always the oldest. I have never found one that was older than this Jeep. Feel free to look around and you’ll probably find the same thing. Note, if you are looking in forums, you might find my postings (typically Jobhater, but depending on the website, it might be something else).

An Eye Catcher

It’s easy to say, this Jeep will be an eye catcher. With all the Jeeps on the road, this one will become a huge eye catcher and head turner. With the extended leg room and length, it will be GREAT on the trails. That is the goal for this jeep, a trail jeep that can be driven to the trails (at interstate speed).